How can I contact you?

Visit my contact page to submit a message or email me at ashleywhitewrites@gmail.com

When were you born?

If you’re going to ask this question, be prepared to do some homework.

Things that took place the year I was born:

  1. Super Nintendo released in the United States
  2. Comedy Central launched on television
  3. The Minnesota Twins were the World Champions
  4. The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup
  5. Emma Roberts & Ed Sheeran were born
  6. Beauty and the Beast was in theaters

Where did you grow up?

Sacramento, California

Where do you live?

Sacramento, California…I’ll never leave. I dislike change.

Do you have children?

I have two littles, yes. I had them because I hate silence and “me” time.

Did you always want to be a writer?

I ALWAYS wanted to be a writer when I grew up. One day, I stopped fighting all the ‘why I shouldn’t reasons’ and remembered all the reasons why I should.

Who is your favorite author?

An impossible question for someone who wrote a book called THE IMPOSSIBLE GIRL.

My top three: L.J. Smith, Jane Austen, and C.S. Lewis

What are the writing necessities?

1. 1-2 candles. Candles to me are like what I imagine stretching to be for athletes. I make sure to have one or two going before I write. As I do, “Eye of the Tiger” starts playing in my head and I’m ready! 

2. A pretty notebook. I have to find it pretty or it won’t work. 

3. A cup of tea – statistics by Ashley has found that 99% of all things accomplished are fueled by caffeine. 

4. Music. Christian, country, & sometimes alternative depending on my mood. I need silence…but not that type of silence. 

5. Post-It Notes. Things to change, add, research, & do. Future Ashley would like these color coded and arranged but present Ashley knows this is unlikely to happen. 

6. Pretty pens for note taking. They must be pretty…or goofy. There is no in between. 

What is your favorite non-writing activity?

Do you have a writing playlist?

Yes! Here’s a sample of it!

Always believe that something magical is about to happen